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"Turning Ideas Into Reality"

Serving industry since 1982, we soon found our niche for "Turning Ideas Into Reality".  Designing and building custom machinery and tooling became our specialty.  We are proud of our reputation for quality craftsmanship, problem solving, and efficiency.  We have broad and varied experience with people from all types of industry.  Manufacturers, engineers, and small business entrepreneurs have relied on our talent.  Jewelers, lock makers, food processors, liquor distributors, hearing aid manufacturers, medical instrument suppliers, to name a few, have sought our expertise.

We've manufactured ultra-high pressure nozzles, hydraulic torque wrenches, designed and built automated machinery for the fiber-optic industry, as well as production line equipment for electronic components.  Our machines are built using programmable logic controllers, stepper motors, and pneumatics.  

Our Microdrilling Attachment is the solution to a problem we encountered with microdrilling.  Designed and built for the conventional mill, it enables our operators to productively drill small holes.  

Our Tailstock Drill Press for lathes simplifies common tailstock operations and is sensitive for small hole drilling.

We are dedicated to manufacturing useful products of superior quality at an affordable price.  

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