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Small Hole Drilling Made Easy!

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Discover the Possibilities, Find Solutions, Get Results...
Millmate manufactures some of the most innovative and cost effective
tools on the market today.  Our products are useful and maintenance free. 
Millmate products are manufactured in the USA for superior quality at an affordable price.  

Microdrilling Attachment Specs

Operator friendly...easy tool change...small hole drilling made easy! 
  • Incredibly-sensitive drill press 
  • Natural extension of conventional milling machine
  • Easy set-up on any Bridgeport-type mill

The secret to small hole drilling success!

You will find it useful for improving efficiency and increasing production on your occasional small hole drilling applications or to simplify routine in-house operations.  Use it for small hole drilling applications as you would use a tap head for tapping operations.

Tailstock Drill Press Specs

  • Operates simply as a drill press on an otherwise
     cumbersome tailstock

  • Fast & simple peck drilling

  • Ideal for power tapping small threads

The innovative and cost-effective alternative
to pushing and pulling a tailstock for routine applications!  

Because of its functional drill press design,
everyday lathe operations become simple.
Experience the freedom of one-handed operation.

Tap Aligning Center

Hand Tapping Made Easy!

Align taps when hand tapping in lathes or drilling machines


















Millmate.........Small Hole Drilling Made Easy!
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